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Seminar: New Survey Process


01/12/18: MDS Basics - Part 1 only: Section A
01/19/18: MDS Basics - Part 2 only: Sections B, C, D, E & F
01/26/18: MDS Basics - Part 3 only: Section G & GG
02/02/18: MDS Basics - Part 4 only: Sections H & I
02/09/2018: MDS Basics - Part 5 only: Sections J, K & L
02/19/2018: MDS Basics - Part 6 only: Sections M, N & P
02/23/18: MDS Basics - Part 7 only: Sections O & Q
03/02/18: MDS Basics - Part 8 only: Sections V, Z & CAAs
12/01/17 Webinar: Life Safety Code Top Deficiencies
12/06/17 Webinar: New Survey Process for Dietitians & Dietary Managers
12/14/17 Webinar: RoP Facility Assessment Requirements
MDS 3.0 Basics WEBINAR SERIES:(discounted registration for all 8 webinars in series)


Webinar Recording: Emergency Preparedness (Part 1: Disaster Planning)
Webinar Recording: Emergency Preparedness (Part 2: Communications & Resource Management –NH Incident Command)
Webinar Recording: Emergency Preparedness (Part 3: Training and Testing - Ongoing Operations when Disaster Strikes)
Webinar Recording: MDS Changes Effective October 1st
Webinar Recording: MDS for Administrators & DONs
Webinar Recording: New Emergency Preparedness Requirements (Final Rule)
Webinar Recording: New Survey Process Takes Effect
Webinar Recording: Phase 2 Requirements of Participation (Part 1)
Webinar Recording: Phase 2 Requirements of Participation (Part 2)
Webinar Recording: PPS Basics (Part 1: Eligibility & Coverage Criteria)
Webinar Recording: PPS Basics (Part 2: MDS Coding for RUGs)
Webinar Recording: Profit Without Census? It is Possible!
Webinar Recording: Self-Directed Dining...A better approach to meal service?
Webinar Recording: SNF PPS FY2018 Final Rule